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    Scoring the Past Activities for Each Date

      It would be helpful if anybody give me any insights on this:
      I want to perform scoring for the past activities for each date and I think it is
      possible since Marketo can refer to the past activity logs.
      I created a batch campaign like this:
      Smart List:
      Visit Web Page starts with = "www.rich.jp/author"
      Campaign is Requested
      Change Score = "Lead Score, +1"
      Then, I performed "Lead Actions" > "Special" > "Request Campaign" after selecting
      targeted leads.
      The result is the score was added by ONLY +1 even if leads visit this
      web site "www.rich.jp/author" many times in different dates.
      It is likely that the conditions "Visit Web Page starts with = "www.rich.jp/author"" can't work.
      Are there any other ways that can add as many scores as times when
      leads visit  the website for the past?