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    Suppressing Nurture Contacts from Other Emails

    Nina Valtcheva
      I am pretty new to Marketo (1 month experience) and still learning about a lot of the functionality. My team is getting ready to build out our first actual nurture program. I'm looking for advice around email cadence. Is there a way to ensure that contacts who are in the nurture are suppressed from and do not receive any of our other emails like event invites?
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          Takashi Ozeki
          As with most things in Marketo, there are many ways to get something done.

          For starters, it's generally recommended to create a field that holds info about which nurture track a lead is in, and use that field to filter as necessary.

          If you are using Engagement Programs, you could filter for members of those programs as well.
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            Hey Nina,

            To piggy-back on to Charlie's point, you will need to add the filter to each campaign you run that is not the nurture. There is no way to say "if this record is part of this campaign, do not send any other emails" on a global basis. However you designate that a record is part of the nurture (program status, custom field, static/smart list membership), you will need to account for those records in each campaign you run and actively exclude them.