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    Adding MSI to Salesforce Campaign

    Jenn DiMaria
      Is it possible to add MSI to an SFDC campaign?

      While we realize there are other ways we can go about reporting people's activity within the campaign (ie: changing member statuses), it would be great if the MSI module showed all member activity so our sales team can see what happened after responding.
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          Josh Hill
          What do you mean exactly? Do you want the IM to populate an SFDC Campaign?

          You could setup your interesting moments to trigger on a Change in Status and then describe the PRogram and Status Change.
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            Jenn DiMaria
            Hi Josh!

            I think that's a good alternative and probably the way we'll have to go. The original idea was adding the entire MSI module to the Campaign layout so we see something similar to what our sales team can see on Opportunities (ie: an overhead view of what all Contacts have been up to). Just in this case, it would populate Members on a Campaign as opposed to Contacts on an Opportunity.

            But I think between a combination of this and getting more granular in our SFDC Campaign Status options is probably the easiest way to move forward for the time being.