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Unapproved AB Test

Question asked by 5af2e3596bf6b7a5a6a396378f71ebfbab12fa07 on Feb 25, 2015

Hi all,

I set up an AB subject line test to have the results sent to me manually before the winner was declared. I received the email and was able to reschedule the email send out in Marketo. However, the rescheduled date did not show up in the control panel, nor could I make any other changes in the control panel. There were no obvious signals as to how I should approach moving forward and sending out the email with the winning subject line. 

I have since unapproved the program and the rescheduled date has shown up in the schedule area. I am concerned that if I run with the program at its current state, then the email will be sent out to all of the leads, including those that were part of the sample. 

If anyone could offer any advice, that would be swell.

Thank you!