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    A/B Testing


      I am creating an A/B Test using the Champion/Challenger function within my drip campaign. My audience size is 150,000. I want send one subject line to a 10% of the audience size and the other subject line to another 10% of the audience size, then declare a champion and send the champion to the rest of the audience size.

      My question is, do I use 1 subject line as the champion and 1 as the challenger or do I use both subject lines as the challengers? I want to avoid having one sent to 10% and the one sent to 90%. Any thoughts or advice will help. Thank you. 
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          Hey Nirav, 

          Champion/Challenger is intended for triggered flows where leads are dripping through over time. It will allow you to identify the content that performs best so you can then swap it in and make it the new champion in your flow. 

          If you want to do an A/B to a control group and then send the winner to a larger audience you should use an Email Program:


          The functionality you're looking for is straightforward there.