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    Universal Tag on Landing Pages

    Kelly Donahue
      We would like to place a tag on all of our landing pages. Moving forward we can make sure we place it in the template and we can update each landing page mannually. But is there one spot where we can add the tag and it will update each landing page moving forward and all those we have live?
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          In all of your landing page templates you should include a text token called {{my.tags}} or whatever you choose. 

          Define this token in a folder at the very top of your marketing activities tree (I create a master folder that contains everything else). Input your tags as the value for this token. 

          Now all your pages that are local assets in Marketing Activities, regardless of template, will have this tag. You can update it in one spot and it will instantly update everywhere. You can also over-ride it locally in sub folders and programs if you like.