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Form fill auto email

Question asked by 045979dd430c24638e15e3610b440a3c96670b10 on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by 045979dd430c24638e15e3610b440a3c96670b10
We have a new page set up with the munchkin cookies.  The form is not a marketo form but passes a varialable to marketo.  I want the flow to be:

If someone fills out the form they get an email sent to them then moved to the drip program.  

I have it so that if the recent lead source changes to the correct variable they will enter this program.  However I am not seeing if they are a NEW lead they enter the program.  How can I have leads enter this program if they are new, or existing?  Seems just using the change in recent lead source won't pick up new leads since there is nothing to change, but if I filter for new leads created then i miss out on existing leads.

Any thoughts?