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    List Management Avoiding Overlap

      I have a question on the best way to exclude a segment of leads from a program after it has been activated and schedule and is carrying out a multiple touch campaign.

      For ease of explaining, lets say smart list #1 is my entire database, and smart list #2 is a targeted segment of the first.

      I have a campaign that will run once a week for 4 weeks which is to list #1, my entire database.  Two weeks into this campaign, I want to run a more targeted program to specific leads, so I create list #2.

      No what is the best way to exclude the leads in list #2 from the orginal, entire #1 list?

      Can I simply open the list #1 smart list filters and add "not in" list #2?  Will this work if I have a program that is already running, and is set to wait a week in between each send?

      Or is it necessary to abort the first original scheduled smart campaign utilizing list #1 and add a filter there under the smart list filters to exclude list #2?

      I don't want any lead getting more than one email a week, so this would help greatly.  Thanks!