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    Managing Data Base

      My company has a cap on the amount of contacts we allow in Marketo (this is due to our Marketo license). This create a unique challenge in that I can't have Marketo and Salesforce mirror each other. Instead, I have to set rules in place dictating what leads we allow from SFDC to flow into Marketo. Does anyone have a methodology for managing this challenge? Are there good business rules anyone can recommend?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Josh Hill
          Depends on the exact setup, but here are some ideas I've had

          You can also flag all leads as Do Not Sync on the SFDC side, except for the ones you want to sync. Then Marketo and SFDC are told that these are required fields to create a lead or to sync a lead from Marketo>SFDC. The Marketo User in SFDC won't see Do Not Sync Leads.
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            Hey Stephan,
            To expand on what Josh said:
            To prevent leads from syncing down into Marketo from SFDC, we suggest to set up sharing rules in SFDC. These rules could be set up on a field called "Hide from Marketo". When hide from Marketo is set to true, the Marketo sync user will not be able to see these records and thus not be able to sync them.