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    Recycling leads in an engagement program

    John Wolf
      We have several 26-week engagement programs. After a lead has exhausted the content, we would like to refresh their status and start them again at the top of the stream. Is this possible?

      I have considered cloning the program, but we have several of these, and as we try to update emails and manage leads across multiple cloned programs, I think it would soon get pretty messy.

      Or has anyone come up with another solution?
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          Josh Hill
          First, that's really awesome that you have 26 weeks already.

          Second, I strongly recommend against doing this. Before engagement programs, you essentially had to recycle leads through the same content. Engagements discourage this because they won't send the same content twice. You could clone the Program and push everyone over to the new one. But why? Come up with fresh content.

          Another option is to add a new stream that uses the existing content in a new order.
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            John Wolf
            Thanks Josh,
            So if a second stream in the same engagement program has the same email (not cloned), a person moving from one stream to the next would get that email a second time?