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    Event Program - Roundtable RSVPs

    James Glavin

      Hi all,

      I've been setting up a live event (roadshow) for the first time, and feel like I'm almost there, but have one final stumbling block.

      I want leads to be able to click a link in an email, go to a landing page, and submit a form to RSVP and let us know if they can attend or not. I'm struggling to figure out how the RSVP field in the form should work. I want to have a Yes/No dropdown. If they select Yes, it should change their Program Status to 'Registered'. If they RSVP No, it should change their Program Status to 'Declined' (which is a Roadshow status that I've created).

      My question is how do I make the connection between the field and the program status? I don't want to have to create a field for every event we do, but I'm also struggling to see how a single field could work across multiple events. I need to set it up in a way that will allow me to clone programs, and will allow leads to RSVP to more than one event, possibly with different responses, without it messing up their program statuses.

      Bring on the Marketo expertise!



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          Josh Hill
          1. Why do you want them to RSVP? The goal should be to get them to RSVP by filling out the form. If they dont want to go, they won't click.

          2. To do what you want, just create a new field called "RSVP Status". Add this to your form.
          Every time you have a program cloned, the form goes with it.
          Inside the program you have a flow action:

          Fills Out Form IS "RSVP Form" on Page Y

          If RSVP=TRUE, Change Status = Registered
          If RSVP=FALSE, Change Status = Cannot Attend

          Your use of this field is as a "most recent" field that gets overwritten each time. The Program status will record the history for you.
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            JD Nelson
            I agree with Josh.  I use the form as the RSVP Yes, and will sometimes include a hyperlink below that is utilized as a decline; then all traffic to that link gets appended to a Decline List.  I generally find that people won't submit a form to say no; they just won't fill out the form.
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              James Glavin

              Thanks both. My original plan was to use the form as as a RSVP Yes, but due to the nature of our events and our leads, we often get people contacting us to let us know that they can't attend, so I was looking for a way to incorporate this into the form. I take the point that this could be done via a link.

              You've helped me clarify my thinking on this - much appreciated!