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    HTML Element always goes to wrong Div

    JD Nelson
      When I insert an HTML Element in my landing page, it always ends up going to the whole_thing Div, which then destroys my header and footer info that appears lower down the page.  I've tried to strip the div out and move it in my template, but then I get some 'multiple div' error (don't have that off-hand).

      Here's a snippet of code - the last line is where my inserted HTML element begins...  I would much rather have that lower down the source page... 

      ideas?  Thanks!!
       <div id="outerWrapDiv" class="mktoMobileShow">
       <div id="innerWrapDiv" class="mktEditable mktoMobileShow">
       <div id="whole_thing" class="mktEditable mktoMobileShow">
       <div class="mktoContent mktoMobileShow"><div id='lpeCDiv_81280' class='lpeCElement HTML_1'><div class='lpContentsItem rawHtmlSpan'>