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Best way to auto-register leads in a webinar who EMAIL Me?

Question asked by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf
We've got a book launch coming up. Anyone who buys the book can join an exclusive webinar if they email us a receipt of the book. What is the best way to auto-enroll those who do? We use ReadyTalk. Two ways I can think of:

1 - I check my email every night, and manually enter their email address into a Marketo form, that triggers an auto confirmation. Downside, no immediate confirmation and requires me to manually do this!

2 - I set up an auto-response canned response and give them the link to register themselves. Person has to take another action to actually get into it.

Other options? Which of the above do you think is better?