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    Freemium Model- best practice in SFDC and Marketo

      I was wondering if anyone can share some tips on how they have set up their free trial model.
      Couple of questions:
      •           When some fills out Marketo free trial form and it is synced to SFDC for Sales to follow up, do you keep that as a lead in SFDC?
      •           What do you do when the same person(email address), signs up again?
      •           In our scenario,  one person can sign in for multiple free trials and we do create different account.(in nut shell, we want to track one person signed up for how many accounts in reports). What should be the process in SFDC?
      •            Do you convert it into opportunity when someone signs up for free trial?

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          How early/late stage is your trial? Is it a primary lead source for you, or late stage that strongly indicates a likelihood to buy?

          I've seen this done a few different ways, but thinking back to the customers I've spoken with these are the common approaches:
          •           When someone fills out a free trial, make a lead in SFDC unless trials are very early stage indicators of interest and you'd have too many inbound leads
          •           I'd track all signups as an "Interesting Moment" which you'd see under the lead, but not create multiple leads
          •           Depending on how you want to report in SFDC, just using Interesting Moments may not be enough, you may want to try and have some other object be created in SFDC by whatever automates your trial provisioning
          •           Generally the answer on creating opportunities gets back to the early/late stage behavior question. If it is early interest, don't. If it is late stage, do it.
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            Thomas Peng
            I know this post is a bit old, but I wanted to add to it.  I'm looking to nurture free trial users during their 30 day free trial.  I'm thinking about using an engagement program to do it.  The only requirement that I'm having trouble meeting with the engagement program is that users can download free trials multiple times.   If they download the free trial 120days past the first free trial, then we want to start them to get the same emails in the stream all over again.   Any ideas on how to do this?