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    Looking for Best Practices - Marketing Activities

      I am very new to Marketo and I am curious if anyone has any recommendations as to how we can best organize campaigns and programs on the Marketing Activities side. Let's just say we have had a number of hands in the pot and now things look like a mess. I was hoping to benefit from the communities past experience so I can clean up the mess for good. Any feedback is sincerely appreciated. 
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          Since you can store programs in folders, you may want to take advantage of that.  Below are a few of the folder names we use to organize our programs.
          •           Alerts           
            •                     Admin
            •                     Sales
          •           Customer Success
          •           Data Management
          •           Inbound Marketing           
            •                     SEM
            •                     Social Media
          •           Interesting Moments
          •           Marketing Metrics
          •           Nurturing
          •           Outbound Marketing           
            •                     Ads
            •                     Content Syndication
            •                     Emails
            •                     Events
            •                     ...
          •           Revenue Model
          •           Sales Insight Emails
          •           Scoring
          •           Website Content           
            •                     Case Studies
            •                     Contact Me
            •                     Datasheets
            •                     Presentations
            •                     ...
          If you synch your programs with SFDC campaigns, Salesforce doesn't provide folders, just views.  Also program and campaign names in Marketo are by default sorted by name in the tree view, so you should consider this as well.  Below are a couple of conventions we follow in naming our programs.
          •           For short lived programs, we use the format "2013 Q1 - [short descriptive program name], so that we can easily find these based on their chronology. 
          •           For programs that are long lived (e.g. website content), we use the format "[category] - [short descriptive program name] (e.g. Whitepaper - xxxxx, Natural Search - xxx, Paid Search - xxx, etc.).
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            Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for and I welcome any additional input.
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              For additional ideas, see my post about this