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Forward to a Friend causing Unsubscribe

Question asked by af4ad3c28660c189f18aebfee5b307a9518fe1cc on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by 36184
I have been looking at this issue and trying to find a work around for it but the problem seems to be worse the more I look at it.

I used the forward to a friend functionality in various campaigns.
I understand that if a known lead uses the functionality to send a FTAF to an unknown user and that user interacts with it by filling out a form etc. that Marketo will automatically unsubscribe them. I agree that an opt-in campaign is the way to go here BUT ...

If a known lead in Marketo receives a FTAF from a colleague for example and they interact with this FTAT email by filling out a form etc. Marketo will then unsubscribe that known lead also. An opt-in campaign is not ideal here because the user will become confused as to why they are being asked to subscribe when they already thought that they were.

Any advise or suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.