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Send emails to 'email' rather than 'email address'

Question asked by 25867 on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by 7595
Actually.. you know what. Never mind - even if I could achieve this.. what sense does it make in sending two identical emails addressed to two people to the one inbox? (even if they do share that address). Will find another solution.  

Bit of a fudge going on here. 

Hoping to use Marketo to invite people to update their details on a database we have that isn't SFDC. 

Many of the records use a generic email address. Record A and Record B both have the same email. If I import this to a local list, Marketo will ignore Record B if it has found Record A already has that email address.

I can create a dummy column of Email Address, filled sequentially - Record A's email address is '1', Record B's email address is '2'. Both Record A and B will now successfully import. Alternatively I can leave Email Address blank, and they'll all import. 

I suppose I know the answer to my question. Despite also importing Record A and Record B's actual email address under the 'Email' column (rather than the Email Address column), there is no way of telling Marketo to send an email using the information from that column - rather it will send an email to '1' or '2' or to the blank value. 

Can anyone think of a way I can import all my records, despite them sharing the same email address? I suppose the short answer is 'no'..