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    Create a custom redirect to a third party site?

      Is there a way in Marketo to create a custom redirect to a third party site? Our sales team wants to send a link to an article in their personal email communications (not in Sales Insight). Is there a way to create a custom redirect to another site so I can track how many people use that URL?
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          Nicole Mossinger
          Hi Alison:

          If you use email outside of Marketo. your tracking options are very limited.

          I would recommend that you create an email in Marketo, and under select the property "Publish to Sales Insight". This will make the email available to sales in their Sales Insight.

          Sales can still edit and refine the content, but the hyperlink will be replaced with a Marketo tracking link. You will be able to track who clicked on the link and trigger other activities based on this event.

          Hope this helps!

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            Yeah, that would be ideal, but we haven't gotten our sales team trained up on Sales Insight yet. We're looking to do that in the very near future.
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              Hey Alison, what I think you want is something like this. A landing page which automatically redirects to the link of the Article. Such that when someone arrives at the page, a visit is tracked and then they are displayed the content. This gets around not being able to track clicks to other people's sites.

              This is easy. I've replaced the word "script" with **** in order to not break the community.

              <***** type="text/javascript">
              function delayer(){
                  window.location = "http://www.urltoredirectto.com"

              <body onLoad="setTimeout('delayer()', 300)">

              All you need to do is create a Marketo Landing page. Put some basic text, "Please wait your link is loading" .. then grab a custom HTML block and put it on top of your logo (this is a really important practice that allows everyone to find custom HTML blocks quickly). Insert the script above into the HTML block and change the URL for window.location=  ... Then the other thing you can customize is the number of miliseconds that someone sees your landing page before redirecting. Here I've got it set on 300ms. If you want it longer or shorter you can add or subtract 0's.