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    Time Zone question

    Amber Hobson
      I can't figure out why the time zone for my events always defaults to Pacific time zone. The time zone for our Marketo instance is set for Central US (Chicago) and my personal time zone is also set for the same one. But whenever I create an event, it always sets it to Pacific (LA) time zone. Any ideas?
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          Hi Amber,

          I just went into Applied Systems' subscription, confirmed that my user time preference was set to Central time (Chicago) and wasn't able to reproduce this issue.

          Here's what I see when I set up a test event:

          Here's what I see when I try to schedule a test campaign (run once, as well as schedule recurrence):


          The time zone for scheduling events/campaigns is based on your personal time zone preference (not the time zone setting for the Marketo instance). Can you please send a few more details/screenshots?


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            Josh Hill
            I noticed something weird with the personal vs. system time as well.

            Also, I thought Personal Time Zone was just showing you the actual time from your perspective, but had nothing to do with the system time.