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    Is there a way to send an alert email with a link to the Opportunity Influence Analyzer?

      We'd like to send an alert email when certain stages are reached in an Opportunity along with a link to the Opportunity Analyzer for that Opportunity. 

      The link to the Opportunity Analyzer in the Sales Insight section of the Opportunity has an "sfdcOpportunityId=" query string parameter, and I determined that I can create a link to a specific Opportunity Analyzer report by changing this parameter  to the desired Opportunity ID.  I'm concerned what the effect of leaving the "&tok=" parameter will be (e.g. changing the cookie to point to the wrong lead record), but when I remove it from the URL, the page displays a 404 error.  Does anyone know what the "&tok=" parameter does and if it is OK to leave it in the URL?

      The second issue is that there isn't a token for the Opportunity ID and I don't think that there is any way to obtain it in Marketo, which seems odd.  So my thought is that I can create an Opportunity ID field on the SFDC Contact record and create a workflow rule in SFDC to populate it with the open Opportunity ID on which the Contact has a Contact Role.  But, this isn't going to work correctly if the Contact has a Contact Role on more than one open Opportunity.  Has anyone had a similar need to identify the Opportunity ID on the Marketo lead record and developed a reliable way to obtain this?