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    Issue with leads synching with Salesforce

      I just took over managing our Marketo instance, and have been working to get up to speed.  We launched a website using Marketo forms, in which I thought leads were flowing into Salesforce, but it appears there are some issues.  I’ve been receiving Existing Customer Alert notifications that say the records are in Salesforce, yet when I look in Salesforce they are not in there as leads or contacts.  When I look in Marketo they are neither classified as a Lead or Contact in the SFDC type, the field is blank.  The leads with SDFC detail are sent to a sales person with a cc to me, so it appears existing records are being updated in Salesforce.  I'm not sure how the notifications were set up, and am not certain if the issue is in how it's de-duping or in how Marketo is synching with Salesforce.  Any help you can provide would be appreciated.