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    Demographic Score challenge

      I am having an difficult time technically conceptualizing how to set up my Demographic Score campaigns.

      Currently, I have it set up so that all my demographic campaigns have scheduled recurrences so that they score daily. And a flow step, for example, looks like: "If Job Title is Director, +5 to Demographic Score".

      But I realize that if I schedule a recurrence, then the Demographic Score for a lead with a Job Title equal to "Director" would increase by 5 points every day, which is NOT what I want. 

      I have set up a recurrence to account for the case where a lead's Title isn't populated (NULL) but then on future forms they fill this information out, or we manually enter it in at some point, or if they're Title changes at some point. 

      I also considered setting these Demographic Score campaigns up as trigger campaigns, using the trigger "Lead is Created" or "Data Value Changes" and the filter "Job Title is not empty". But I stil run into the issue wherein a lead may have its Title changed multiple times; the flow step would keep adding points to the Demographic Score for Title instead of "updating" it.

      I would have the flow step just change the Demographic Score to an absolute number, but I can't because there are other components that go into the Demographic (Title, Budget, Company Revenue, etc.).

      I feel like this should be much simpler but I can't seem to figure it out. Any help much appreciated!
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          Also, I thought about having another campaign that clears out Demographic Score every day, and then having the the Demographic Score campaigns kick in again. This works for the Demographic Score but I'd need to do the same thing for the Lead Score. However, I can't do clear out the Lead Score everyday because Lead Score takes into account Behavioral and Demographic; Behavioral Score is triggered.
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            Delwin Ng
            Part of your solution may be to change the Qualification Rules for that campaign to be "Each lead can run through the flow once". That way each lead will only be scored once.
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              Hi Delwin--

              I considered this as well. But it is not uncommon that a lead's demographics change. So we want leads to be able to run through these campaigns as often as they're demographics are changed.

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                All of these elements can change in value and your score should be recalculated whenever they change.  Rather than limiting your leads to run through the flow once, you should use a Data Value Changed filter for each of your criteria, that way you will only recalculate the score when one of the values change.  Before you rescore, set the score to "0".  You'll also need a Lead was Created filter for new leads. 
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                  Hi Elliott--

                  I also thought of the same thing, but the only issue with this solution is that I have to do the same thing for Lead Score. But Lead Score is a combination of Demographic and Behavioral. So, I can't clear the Lead Score to "0" because I would lose their Behavioral score.

                  Do you have any ideas for a workaround for this? Should I be setting up the Behavioral Score differently? Or thinking about Lead Score differently?

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                    You could deduct points based on the previous Data Value and then add the desired points.

                    Generally I rarely rescore on demographics, but it could be useful. You might want to see my post about using Demographics as a filter an Behaviors as triggers, rather than scoring anything.

                    I also wrote an extensive manual on Lead Scoring flows. It doesn't quite cover this situation, but check it for ideas.
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                      We have the Behavioral Score and Demographic Score in separate fields, so that if we reset one, it doesn't affect the other.  If you need a combined score, you could periodically export these two score fields, sum them into a new column and import the sum column  into a "Combined  Score" field.  If you want to keep the Combined Score field up-to-date with behavioral items (until the next manual update), you can imcrement it using the same smart campaign you use to increment the Behavioral Score.
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                        Hi Hoi,

                        I have run against the same challenge as we've done a lot of data appending and updating and have yet to find a viable solution.  I'm using external tools to force a re-calibration/overwrite of lead score as the combo of demographic + behavioral but this is still a manual process that I execute when time permits. 

                        Thanks for raising the issue.
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                          This is a very good point. It would also be nice to be able to score someone as they fill out that form, as opposed to having to wait a day to do it.

                          Data Values Changes is a useless trigger in this case, because if it is a net new lead it won't work. Marketo needs something like a 'Field is populated' trigger and then you could specify the field and the values...

                          Is this an idea that already exists?
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                            Hi all--

                            I think I may have found a viable solution for this.

                            To refresh, the main issue here is being able to not only have Lead Score be a sum of both Demographic and Behavioral, but also be able to update/edit the individual Demographic and Behavioral scores and still keep Lead Score equal to the sum.

                            I've set up a Workflow rule in Salesforce that adds Demographic + Behavioral to equal the Lead Score, everytime either Demographic or Behavioral score changes. This gets around the issue of changing the Lead Score field to a formula field and removes the need to create an additional "Lead Score" field.

                            The main benefit here is that it allows me to clear out Behavioral Score from the Lead Score without having to remove the Demographic score from the Lead Score because now, I can set up a recurring campaign that rescores Demographics every day.

                            The downside is that there will be some lag time. Depending on the timing of events, that lag time can be as short as 5 minutes (the regular Marketo-SFDC sync), or at most a day depending on when you've set the recurrence to occur.

                            I hope this helps anyone who's also struggling with this. Let me know if you need any clarification or if you think there are any potential issues with this solution.


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                              Hey all,

                              As an alternative option to having a SFDC workflow to add the scores together I might suggest the following.  

                              Use a "Change Data Value" flow step to set the Lead Score to the exact value of the Behavior Score using a {{lead. }} token as the value. Then reset your demographic score and add both Lead Score and Demographic Score values back in using the standard "Change Score" flow steps.