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Analytics : issue with reporting subscriptions

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on Jan 23, 2013
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     For a couple of weeks now, we have been noticing that reports have been timing out and failing to run.
Daily Sales Alerts:
     We used to receive report every single day of the week, whether or not sales alerts were recorded.
     Now we receive them randomly, sometimes 4 times in a week, sometimes less.
Weekly New Leads Report:
     We used to receive it every Sunday. We haven’t received it last Sunday (20th)
Weekly Campaign Responses Report:
     Data hasn’t been refreshed since December, 9. So we are receiving emails but with "old" data.

     I have reported this issue today to support but I wanted to know if we were the only ones. Do you also have issues? Do you have recommendations for improvement?


     Cécile @ Talend