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    Created Date Never Accurate?

      I seem to always have problems with determine a created date - I import a list on 12.7.12 and some of the leads have created date for 12.10.12- it was relatively a small list at 17k.
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          Which created date you are looking at the "Lead Was Created" date, the "SFDC Created Date" or the "Created Date"?
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                 For one of the leads in question, open the individual lead record and check the activity log--see if the lead was actually imported when you think it was.

                 If it was created via a list import, you should have two activities for that date--the earliest should be 

                 --New Lead,  a source of:List Import

                 Followed shortly by a second
                 --Add to List, the list name is what you named your import list.

                 The timstamp should match the "CreatedAt" field.


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              Basic stuff - but it still isn't accurate - I imported on exactly 12.7 yet the imported date in the activity logs displays 12.10 - unless Marketo took 3 days to import only 55k leads - which wouldn't surprise me. Something else is wrong...