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    Sales Insight Outlook Send and New Leads

      What happens if a MSI user sends/tracks an email with Marketo to a lead NOT in salesforce?

      Second question -  "Log w/ Marketo" for emails already sent normally does NOT track opens/clicks correct?
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          I can answer that question because we have to clean up the mess it creates daily. 

          When an Outlook email is sent using Send and Track and there is no existing lead in Marketo with that email address, an unknown Marketo lead is created, but since it does not have a valid Last Name, it will not synch with Salesforce.  Then if the Salesperson adds a record for the lead in Salesforce, it synchs to Marketo and creates a new lead with a duplicate email address.

          We've created a smart campaign that notifies the sender of the email that they just caused an unknown Marketo lead record to be created and gives them several choices as to how they should resolve it.  If the unknown exists after 48 hours, Marketo automatically sends them (and their manager) a reminder email each morning.  We also have a daily report of unresolved unknown Marketo leads that is emailed to the manager each morning.

          We also monitor an email duplicates smart list and if we see an unknown Marketo lead and a known MArketo lead with the same email address, we merge them without involving the rep.
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            Hi again Elliott.

            Oddly enough, our instance of SFDC creates a new LEAD with first name being the person's email address sans "@domain.com", and the last name "MktUknown"

            This isn't the worst thing in the world I guess, as we typically communicate with contacts rather than fresh leads (long story), and any new leads are typically entered by the sales person before they make outreach.
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              Naor, in our Marketo the Last Name field is populated with mktUnknown, but in Salesforce we have a validation rule that will not allow the Last Name field to contain "Unknown" (and other common placeholders), so our Lead doesn't sync to Salesforce.  I'm not sure that I want them to sync to Salesforce as sometimes the rep has already created a lead in Salesforce before sending the email, but it just hasn't synched with Marketo yet, and Im worried of duplicates being created and round-robin assigned to another rep in Salesforce.  Also, the mktUnknown leads in Marketo have their Marketing Suspended field checked, and any more emails that the reps send to that email address via MSI in Salesforce will not be sent.
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                I understand now. Thanks for the clarification. Lets see how my team does with the new MSI integration and I will ear-mark this thread in case we end up with a similar situation.
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                  Hey Elliott - We've come to a consensus on this topic - and I'd like to understand how you create your initial alert to the email's sender? I'm only able to send the alert to the lead owner, but since we use auto-assignment rules this email may or may not actually be sent to the right person.

                  Can you please tell me how you've accomplished this?
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                    Here are the steps.
                    1.           Create a smart list for each person that sends emails using the MSI Outlook Add-In using a Was Sent Sales Email filter with "Subject: is any" and "Sent by: is [email address of sender]" constraints.
                    2.           Create an alert email for this.
                    3.           Create a smart campaign with the following           
                      •                     Smart List - Lead is Created trigger with a "Source Type: is Sales email" constraint and a "Last Name: is MktUnknown" filter
                      •                     Flow - Send Alert flow action with a series of choices for each sales person as follows:                     
                        •                               Choice 1: If 'Member of Smart List' is 'A Hartman' then:
                        •                               Email:  'Unknown Marketo Contact Created'
                        •                               Send To: 'None'
                        •                               To Other Emails: 'ahartman@conductor.com,elowe@conductor.com
                        •                               The default choice can be to send the email to your email address.
                      •                     Schedule - Each lead can run through the flow once

                    You can also get creative and set this up with periodic reminders until the unknown lead is resolved.  You can structure this like a nurturing program with a master smart campaign that calls this smart campaign, which calls the send reminder smart campaign after an appropriate wait, which calls a wait smart campaign that holds the unknown lead in a wait flow step, checks to see if it is still unresolved and if so, removes it from the flow and if not, it calls the master smart campaign.

                    Hope this helps.
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                      Weird - I had the steps numbered, but it stripped the numbers out.

                      I reformatted and it took.  I don't think it likes tables being pasted in.
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                        Genius! Thanks for all your assistance Elliott, it is really appreciated