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Blocking field updates depending on record-based criteria

Question asked by 5d021237f31fed590cde479a883aab6df0f5ffb9 on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by 5d021237f31fed590cde479a883aab6df0f5ffb9

     Hi there,

     Is it possible to block updates to a field on some occassions and not others? And I don't mean depending on which source it's come from (i.e. list vs form fill-out), but depending on record-based criteria (i.e is a user vs is not a user).

     I have a field that for some people - let's say, record type A - I want to update and NOT block.
     For record type B, I use the exact same field but for them I DO want to block any updates from Marketo AND I want to block that field from even being populated by Marketo when it's empty. 

     Is this possible via Marketo or only via Salesforce? If the latter, does anyone know how to implement? Can you create a new profile for the Marketo user in Salesforce that includes all the same permissions except the ability to edit field X on record type B (but still allow it to edit field X on record type A)?

     It sounds like the easiest solution would be to create a different unique field for each record type, but we're so entrenched with using it across campaigns and with syncs with our data warehouse that this would actually be extremely cumbersome for us. We need a quick, solid fix.

     Any help appreciated!

     Cheers, Tara