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    Importing contacts into a campaign

      Good afternoon,
      I just came across a number of conatcts that I would like to add to a campaign that I am running and ?I would like to import contacts that are on an excel file.

      I am getting feedback from the system that it is not valid.

      Any ideas?

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          Can you be more specific about the error message? 

          A few things to check though:
          •           Be sure your column headings are the same names that Marketo uses.  To get these export  a few leads from Marketo with the columns you want to import and use those column names in your import file.
          •           Be sure you are importing a plain CSV file, not one saved as CSV (DOS) or CSV (Macintosh)
          •           Be sure to select the File Format as "Comma Separated Values", not "Auto Detect"
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            It sounds like you're importing them into a folder in Marketing Activities.  Try creating a folder in the Lead Database and you should be able to import your contacts into it.  Save your file in .csv format and then select "Comma Separated Values" as the File Format in your Import List pop up box.  Also, make sure column headings match the fields you're importing into or Marketo won't know where to put the info.

            Hope that helps.