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    A/B Test

      Can someone please help me send out an A/B test. Can I just choose 2 sets of 25 addresses and use the Email address is filter 50 times?
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          Cecile Maindron
          If you have 50 leads and you want to send email A to 25 leads and email B to 25 leads, you should put:

          If Random Sample is 50
          Email : Email A

          Default Choice
          Email: Email B

          ... this is probably what you meant! :)
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            I very new to Marketo and have no formal training. I have tried 2 ways and neither seems to be correct.
            1.           I built a smart list: Filters= Random Sample 2%, Campaign Name is (my campaign name), Email address is not empty, DNC is False and Lead Status is Open. This seems to be the list I need but I can't pull two different random samples?
            2.           I tried to use the Email Address is filter 25 times but it says it will not affect any leads?
            How do you run an A/B test?
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              Cecile Maindron
              For me, you add your list criteria in the Smart List Tab (for instance email address is not empty, Lead Status is open etc)

              The Random part is to be added to the Flow Tab.

              Maybe you can do screenshot of your smart list and flow and I can tell you if I spot a mistake??

              PS a common mistake is to leave AND in your smart list criteria. As a result, you can end up with impossible criteria like for instance Country = France AND Business Zone = NORAM
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                Thank you!