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    What happens when leads reach the end of the first stage of a traffic cop campaign, if their lead score hasn't changed?

      A few months ago, we put all of our leads into traffic cop campaigns with early, mid and late stage segments. The majority of those leads are now reaching the last emails in the early stage content, at which point we have an ‘Out of Content’ campaign which puts them into a wait step for 8 weeks and then sends them back to the beginning of the campaign, where it looks at their lead score again and calls the appropriate stage campaign. For leads who have not had a lead score change in this time, it will call the early stage campaign again, and the early stage campaign determines which email to send them based on what they have already received. Since these old leads have already received all the early stage emails, I am assuming that it will send them back to the ‘Out of Content’ campaign thereby creating an endless loop where most of our leads are stuck waiting for their leads scores to change but not receiving any further nurturing to make that happen.

      If I am understanding this correctly, is this how the traffic cop campaigns are supposed to work? Have I done something wrong or is there some way around this? I think we are basically going to lose the majority of our leads to a permanent wait step if we just let it run like this.