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Inserting dynamic images images per user in an email using webhooks

Question asked by 24884 on Feb 12, 2013
We would like to insert a custom image per email id. The image is generated offline based on usage stats for the particular email. We create a webhook that gets this image from a webservice and inserts into a marketo field (Lead Info.ActivityReport).

We ran into 3 issues:
a) Lead Info.ActivityReport does not show up in the drop down in the inser token field on the webhook. We followed the steps listed here.
b) To get around the problem, we used an existing field (LeadInfo.About Me) but when I insert this token into an image on the email, the image is not shown. This discussion mentions something about not using a space in the field.
c) If insert the token as is (not in an image) in the email draft, the image is not shown as well.

How do we go about addressing [a] and [b]?
- Harpreet