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Redirect for PDF file

Question asked by 27697 on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by 27697
Is it possible to redirect to a PDF file?

It seems impossible. This is a showstopper for part of what we are trying to do using Marketo. (We want to serve most of our PDFs from Marketo for tracking purposes, but not if we can never rename any of them.)

A similar question was asked and answered:
But it appears it wasn't resolved satisfactorily. No solution was posted.

I have read the help article on Adding a Redirection Rule:

But will this work for PDFs (not landing pages)?

I set up a test and it fails. It returns a 404 error page; it does not redirect.

I tried to redirect requests for


Redirects are important. We will surely rename PDF files -- we will not keep all file names the same forever. When we rename PDFs, we need to be able to redirect to the current version. 301 redirects are easy for me to set up on a server I control, but on Marketo it may not be possible.