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    Video Files Upload


      Does Marketo support video file formats? I want to upload a video file in the sema way I can do with images or documents. So, I am wondering if it is doable? Any limitations in file size?
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          I believe there is a file size limit for files. I want to say it is 50MB?

          Why not upload the video into Vimeo? Then take a screen shot and use that as a thumbnail for an email. Or use the code provided by Vimeo to embed the video into a landing page.

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            You can upload a video file to Marketo as long as it is less than 50 MB in size.  However, if you subsequently reference the URL for the file, it will be downloaded and you will have to open it in a video player (e.g. Windows Media Player).
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              Thank you all for the information! Indeeed it it easier to upload it to an FTP and provide a link to it.