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    Is there a trigger for a reply to an email campaign?

      I am putting together an email campaign where we are tracking all the link clicks, opens, unsubscribes and all that, but I am wondering if there are any triggers that exist that I can put in place that would track the people who actually click "Reply" to the email.  Replies would be going to someone on the sales team, but I want them to automatically sync to the SFDC campaign if they reply to the email.  Is there some way to do this, or a trigger that I am missing that would do this?

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          If your sales team uses the Log with Marketo function in Outlook to add these to the lead record of the recipient, you can use the Sales Email is Received trigger in a smart campaign with a flow action that would change the progression status of a program syched to SFDC to a value like "Replied".  You would need to ensure that the Channel you are using has a progression status value like this and that the program is synched to a SFDC campaign.
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            We don't use Outlook as our email provider and our sales team doesn't use salesforce to send emails either.  Is there any other way it could be tracked?
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              I'd be curious if there was an answer to this as well. This is my work around....
              Send emails from an alias's email account for each rep (fake email account that forwards the email to the rep). This gives me a repository of all email replies. Then I have a simple form that I use to manually input the email address of the respondent. I use this primarily to take them out of the nurture flow, but it could be used to flag progression steps or responses.

              Its awful to have to do this manually. If you know of an automated way...I'm all ears!
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                I've logged an idea in the community, please go upvote:

                We might be able to crowd-source some solution here...

                I'm thinking of a solution along the lines of Daniel G (an email alias that forwards to the specific sales rep), but uses SFDC's email-to-activity functionality. Unfortunately, the out-of-the-box functionality that SFDC provides is insufficient for this purpose, so some apex coding or an appexchange app will be necessary to extend the functionality that SFDC provides.

                Basically, SFDC's problem is that it only works for sending Bcc's to yourself, and doesn't accept reply-to's from outside a specified email address.

                Someone(Marketo?) could create (using APEX code), an SFDC function that accepts email reply-to's and creates an activity on the appropriate record, from which Marketo could detect the new activity using the "activity is logged" trigger.

                There might be an existing app that does allows this functionality, but I haven't looked.

                This should actually be part of the Marketo Sales Insight package for SFDC. I'm surprised no one at Marketo hasn't done this yet, but I've logged an idea.