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    How to track registrations coming from a partner?

    Cecile Maindron

      We are running some virtual or on-site events with partners. We are sending invite to our database and they are sending invite to their database. We are usually collecting registrations directly in Marketo via a unique landing page. We would like to be able to better track registrations coming from our partners. One solution could be to space out our promotion times and assume that any registrations coming in the next 48 hours after shoot are likely to come from x or y. Otherwise I was thinking that we could add a tracker/query string to landing page url or create one landing page per organization (within same event program). Are you faced with same issue? How do you proceed? What are the best practices? I am looking for a solution that is not too heavy to implement and that allows us to easily report and follow-up on registrations.

      Cécile @ Talend
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          Hi Cecile,

          The only solutions I've seen are

          1) use unique landing pages for each partner or ad channel. You do this already.
          2) use unique querystring with a url param ?promosource=partner-name-here&leadsource=webinar

          There are a couple of threads on this one, but I have not seen anything else.
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            A third option is to include a custom field with a "Where did you hear about this event?", including a drop down menu with options like "Talend Invitation", "Partner Invitation", "Friend or Colleague Referral", Social Media, etc.    

            The upside is that you might identify those who heard about the event via a partner, but came directly to your website to register (and vice versa).  Plus its a bit richer detail on orginal source (as opposed to registration source). 

            The downside is you rely on the individual to give you an answer.

            You could combine this approach with either of Josh's  ideas to give you more intelligence on where your leads are coming from and how theyr'e learning about your events..
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              I am a hard fast supporter of URL parameters. If I were running a program like this, I'd give each partner a uniquely queried URL string. Then on every form I have a hidden field to capture those URLs. If you want to know more find my URL builder thread.