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How to track registrations coming from a partner?

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by 6779

We are running some virtual or on-site events with partners. We are sending invite to our database and they are sending invite to their database. We are usually collecting registrations directly in Marketo via a unique landing page. We would like to be able to better track registrations coming from our partners. One solution could be to space out our promotion times and assume that any registrations coming in the next 48 hours after shoot are likely to come from x or y. Otherwise I was thinking that we could add a tracker/query string to landing page url or create one landing page per organization (within same event program). Are you faced with same issue? How do you proceed? What are the best practices? I am looking for a solution that is not too heavy to implement and that allows us to easily report and follow-up on registrations.

Cécile @ Talend