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    Cecile Maindron

      Yesterday I have received the following message:

      "This morning, jQuery released a new major version of this file which will break many of the scripts being used by Marketo, and cause many of the pages to not work properly in IE7 and IE8. 
      Fortunately, most people will still have the older version of this file in their cache for about another day.
      This wouldn’t really be an issue except that there are hundreds of Marketo landing pages that are using the jquery-latest.js script above, and because of the way the script was originally added, it will need to be removed from each individually."

      Do any of you have same issue? Could you mass update your landing pages? How did you proceed?


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          subscribing.  Where'd your message come from?
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            The blog post at http://blog.jquery.com/2013/01/15/jquery-1-9-final-jquery-2-0-beta-migrate-final-released/ does indicate lack of compatibility with "old IE" when jQuery 2.0 is released.  They have a jQuery Migrate plug-in that may help with this, but I would appreciate some guidance from Marketo on how best to handle this. 
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              Just fyi, I do most of my marketo-ing on a legacy xp machine w/IE8.  Did review a few live landing pages/forms this morning in IE, found nothing broken so far...
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                BTW - about 16% of our website visitors last quarter were using IE and 40% of those were on IE 6, 7 or 8.  So at least for us, this won't impact a lot of folks, but would be good to hear Marketo's reccommendation as to whether we should freeze at jQuery 1.9 or just display a “Sorry - get a new browser” message when someone with IE 6, 7 or 8 hits our LPs.  If the latter can Marketo provide the code that we can use for this or will they do this automatically for us?
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                  Cecile Maindron
                  a quick fix could be to add in the website directory

                  if(jQuery && !jQuery.browser) jQuery.browser = {};

                  but we should still have to update all landing pages individually... unless somebody knows a process to massively do that?
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                      Coincidentally, I used to be on the jQuery evangelism team and was an early adopter of it.  I love jQuery.  However, I had several arguments with their core team that jQuery 2.0 is a mistake.  They should have called it something else.  It's going to cause more confusion than anything.

                      With that said, although there are pages that have jQuery latest, we don't upgrade it ever.  Mainly because of fear we will break something.  So to be clear: Nothing is going to break.  This news does not affect you.

                      BEST PRACTICE
                      Upload a version of jQuery that you are comfortable with to your own subscription (or CDN if you have one).  Use THAT version in your landing page templates.  The version of jQuery you use is totally defined in the template.  That way, every landing page uses the exact same script and you control it.  When you want to upgrade it, you just replace the file, test your landing pages and that's it.  No approvals required.

                      Some people use Google to host the jQuery script. This is pretty reliable, but not 100%.

                      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
                      You are safe.  Use your own jQuery file.  :)
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                        Cecile Maindron

                        I'll pass info to right persons in my organization.