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How do I hide leads from sales until they're qualified in SFDC without assigning to a separate queue or user?

Question asked by 21297 on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by 31838
We are syncing our Marketo and SFDC database this weekend, and was told that the leads need to be assigned to the correct sales rep at the very beginning. We have lead assignment rules based on territories, but we don't want to crowd the reps' queue with early stage leads. 

Previously, when they were qualified in Marketo, they were then synced to SFDC with an alert sent to the sales staff. If our databases are synced, how do we create a similar scenario where the lead is qualified, lead owner is pinged, and then the lead is then visible to begin the sales process?

Our SFDC Admin has stated that she can only hide the leads when they are assigned to a separate user, one that is not a sales rep, and then the only way to trigger a new lead assignment is to engage an SFDC developer to build that flow step in SFDC.

Anyone have a similar experience?