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Campaign Trigger based on a custom date field passed

Question asked by 27159 on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by 16011
I'm trying to create a nurture campaign targeting people who have verbally committed to a trial but haven't yet moved to the "trial status" of an opportunity.  The trick is I want to trigger this campaign based on the opportunity status AND a custom date field.  For example, opportunity status is "Verbal Trial Commit" and Data Due Date has past.  

We don't have workflow in SFDC.  We are on Professional edition.  Can this be done in marketo?  I'm guessing it would need to be a regular occuring batch campaign in that looks every day to see if the status has changed and if the Data Due Date has passed - but I'm not sure how to write the smart list based on a custom object field in an oportunity for "Data Due Date"  Does anyone have any ideas?