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    Generating Report taking upwards of 5 minutes

      I've never had a problem until recently when generating reports on email in Marketo, but within the past few weeks, when I hit the report tab it takes over 5 minutes for the actual report to show up.  Is anyone else experienceing this and do you have any suggestion on how to speed the darn thing up?
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          Nothing is running slower than usual for me. Are you running a report on the Analytics tab or using the Email tab within a Smart Campaign? The latter tends to run faster for me.
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            This can and does happen based on a variety of factors.  And it can take even longer than 5 minutes for a report to generate in some cases.  Some of the factors that will slow down a report are:
            •           Structure of your smart list           
              •                     "is" is faster than "starts with" and both are significantly faster than "contains"
              •                     Activity / change filters take longer to evaluate than field filters, especially if the time period you are evaluating is long
              •                     Smart lists within your smart list take longer to evaluate than static lists
            •           The Opportunity Columns option is set to "Shown"
            •           Marketo's system load.  If you have several items in the Campaign Queue, that will slow things down, but you have no control over high loads on shared servers at Marketo's end.

            The Speed Expectations for Common Actions help article may be of interest, but doesn't specifically address expected report times.

            You may want to vote for the Improve Speed Idea.
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              I'd like to echo what Elliott said, depending on how complicated your filtering system is (and the size of your DB), it can take quite a while in some instances to actually get the report.

              My advice is if it's taking a while, just open another tab and work on other things and periodically check to see if it's done.
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                Also, one thing to keep in mind for reports is that is easy to setup a report subscription and have it be emailed to you regularly rather than running it by hand.