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    Count report based on Smart Lists

      If I explain my scenario, hopefully someone can shed some light on whether what I need is possible in Marketo.
      I have created a Smart List in my Lead Database which, for the purpose of this exercise, is my master Smart List. I have then created five new Smart Lists, all of which reference the master Smart List as the base and are then further split based on specific filters.
      Ideally I would like to produce one report in Analytics which lists the five different Smart Lists, and a count of Leads in each list.
      Does anyone know if this is possible? Or perhaps a workaround to get the report I need?
      Many thanks,
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          This is possible with one of the Lead reports that has custom columns identified in the report's Setup section.  Just drag the Custom Columns object to the Settings area and chose Edit.  In its dialog box, type in the name of each of your smart lists and then click Apply after you are done.  Read the Adding Smart List columns to reports help article for more info.
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            Yup, definitely possible as mentioned above. One thing to note is there is a 10-column limit for custom columns. If you'd like to increase that number/limit, you might consider Liking this idea.
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                   Thanks for your suggestion, Elliott - it worked. 

                   And David, although I didn't need more than the 10-column limit this time, I can see why it could be helpful to have the option. (The idea you've linked through has a "Done" status, so not sure any new Likes are registered).

                   One observation I have is that it took a very long time for report to generate, and with only five custom columns in the report (custom columns were Smart Lists). I originally ran the report with six custom columns, but it timed out on each occasion. 

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                Wow - I've not experienced a time-out yet with 10 custom columns, but the number of leads in the report was only a few thousand.  If you are working with tens of thousands of leads in a report, you may want to consider creating static lists for the custom columns to help speed things up.
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                  Yeah I think I had that happen once or twice... And I do think I solved it using the same method Eliot described: Create static lists of who you want to report on (with associated Smart Campaigns to keep the static lists up-to-date if necessary) and then your Smart List for the custom column would just be: Member of List: xyz (this filter is much easier for Marketo to process than most other filters).