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    Smart Lists: Definition Needed for Past 30 Days versus Past 1 Month

      Does anyone know the specific differences between these filters?

      For example, I have pulled counts for "Was Sent Email" and compared these two criteria. The counts were different by around 40 records. 

      The "Past 30 Days" filter will clearly pull records from 30 days preceding the date of the pull. However, the "Past 1 month" could refer to 3 different results:
      1.           Every record who "Was Sent Email" in the month of the preceding day. In this example, that would be January 1-30th. 
      2.           Every record who "Was Sent Email" in the month which procedes the month of the day in which the pull occurred. In this example, it would be the entire month of December
      3.           Every record who was "Sent Email" in the number of days of the current month. In this example, it would be in the past 31 days, which sort of makes sense based on the counts. 
      If anyone knows definitively which it is, I would be grateful!