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    Feedback on 2012 Marketo Summit

      I'm considering attending the 2013 Marketo Summit and was hoping to get some feedback from folks that attended last year. Was it worth the expense? What was the best thing that you got out of it? Thanks!!
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          To answer the questions "Was it worth the expense?":

          If you go in to this conference with a pre planned stratagy & open mind to learn, this will be a very successful event for you.

          I went to the Marketo Summit in 2012 and I left with a wealth of knowledge, best practices, and tips on how to tweak my marketing programs for the rest of 2012. Networking was also a plus, you meet a ton of fellow marketers who are all there to help you succeed.

          1. When the breakout session schedue is released - plan your day from the moment you get there, till the moment you leave.
          2. Bring your laptop / tablet and be prepared to take notes
          3. Come to the event with questions (they have a support booth with live customer support employees who can help you)

          If you have any more questions, feel free to drop me a message. Dex@zuora.com

          Bottom line - Go.

          See you there,
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            Kimi Heskett
            Hi Kristina! I absolutely think the summit is worth every penny... and then some. And more importantly it is absolutely worth your time (which is also valuable I'm sure!). I agree with Dex when he says have a plan in place regarding breakout sessions and go to the conference with your top 3 things you want to get out of it. Whether that is learning more about lead scoring or networking with other users to connect with over the year. This conference is the one I insist I must attend every year and it's the best by far for me and my position.

            There are so many things I feel I get out of this conference but my favorite thing is networking with other Marketo power users. I feel like those of us who specialize in marketing automation are a special group and usually the only, or one of the only, people in each of our orgs who do what we do. It's so nice to have a group of others I can reach out to on a daily basis with questions and to bounce ideas off of. 

            Hope to see you there!

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                   I totally echo their comments!  I had a GREAT time last year and it's #1 on my list of conferences I want budget to attend in 2013.  I like that it was small enough that I felt I had time (and energy) to meet new people and ask questions.  Having been to Dreamforce 4 times, that conference gets a little overwhelming and it takes about 20 minutes to walk from one breakout session to another.   Not the case here - its a small close knit community and it's easy to introduce yourself to a sessions speaker and have a 1-on-1 conversation about ....well, ANYTHING!

                   p.s. I actually met Kimi in person which was great!