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    Track a Link for Subscribers

      Our marketing team wants to send out an email to our entire client base with a newsletter attached, and we are encouraging everyone to foward it on and have others subscribe to it. The point being that whoever gets the most people to subscribe gets some type of prize. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could make this work besides creating a URL link for each person we send to and seeing who clicks on it going forward? Any input would be great.

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          I would avoid forwarding the email itself because people receiving the forwarded email would be cookied as the original recipient, artificially inflating activities, scores and so on. Furthermore they would not be marketable

          The forward to a friend is a safer alternative. That is displayed in the leads' activity log:


          The token is {{system.forwardToFriendLink:default=}}

          The activity is also displayed on the recipeints' log


          A smart list having the filter "Sent Forward to Friend email" or, more flexible, the corresponding trigger to log an Interesting Moment could be scrutinised through SOAP API' ActivityType InterestingMoment in order to identify the highest achievers.