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Restricting new Marketo leads from syncing with Microsoft Dynamics

Question asked by Heather Hansen on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Steven Vanderberg
We have been using Marketo for 2 years but it was synced using a batch process WEB API to our CRM SalesLogix. We are now upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics. We have a scoring model in place so that only leads that hit a certain threshold come over to SalesLogix currently. I know in the new system, we will have to create a marketing activity to get these leads to sync with Microsoft Dynamics.

How do we restrict leads from flowing over to Microsoft Dynamics automatically every 5 minutes from Marketo to Microsoft Dynamics when they sync? Example: We have people filling out web forms that we want to keep in Marketo only to be part of nurture steam emails. We don't want them right away going to our CRM and getting called on by the sales team.

We have just started using the "Programs" feature in Marketo. Some of our web forms are set up inside of the programs. Most web forms and landing pages are just set up inside the Design Studio so most new leads coming in won't be part of a program. Does it make a difference?