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Batch Scoring Every Behavioral Action?

Question asked by 5be2827a6d30249e286cfe869203c119ae9b0cda on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by 5be2827a6d30249e286cfe869203c119ae9b0cda
     My scenario is as follows:

  1.           Lead has visited 5 web pages so has a score of +50.
  2.           We reset all scores due to having updated our lead scoring values.
  3.           We run a batch scoring campaign for web visits.
  4.           New score is now only +10, as the batch campaign only applied a score for one web visit before moving on to scoring another lead.

     Is anyone aware of a way to retrospectively batch score on every behavioral action a lead takes, or is this a limitation in the current Marketo version?
     Thanks in advance for any replies!