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    Spam Filtering on Non Marketo Landing Page Forms

      I have created a form which will be implemented on a non Marketo landing page but I'm concerned about the amount of spam we are receiving through the existing form. Is it possible to add a Captcha area to a Marketo form on a non Marketo landing page or what would you recommend to assist with this issue?

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          There aren't any easy out-of-the-box ways to add a Captcha form, but it could be done with some programming help.

          Are you going to be embedding an iframe on the page? In my experience, automated spammers don't have an easy time finding pages with iframed forms on them. I would roll it out and keep an eye on it.
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            Ben Reffie
            I had to build a Marketo form on our website for the same reason. The email account receiving the form data was being flooded with innapropriate things. Instead of using a captcha, I just set up the form to collect the data in Marketo and only send an alert to that inbox if the confirmation email we sent was delivered. Most of those spam emails don't use a valid email address. There's also a few filters in place that rule out some common syntax errors and flagged words in spam emails. The good leads are then put in their own smart list, but we still keep a smart list of everyone that filled out the form so we can see if anyone was wrongfully excluded. 

            It's not a 100% guarenteed approach, but the spam stopped and we don't have to ask our customers to figure out a captcha. Captcha's are just awful and make people feel about as welcomed as those sliding eye holes you see in movies as some shady guy demands a password.
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              I've been having the same trouble with spam on a non-marketo page. A lot of it has been .ru domains with cyrillic letters.

              I'll be implementing something like Ben R suggested, with only sending the alert if the email is vaild.

              Anyone have other ideas to impliment?

              Joe Pitkin