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    associateLead is not creating leads. How can I debug it?

      I'm using the associateLead JS API to send a lead to Marketo. No leads are created.

      Is there a way to gain some insight into what is happening between when the request is sent to Marketo and when nothing happens?

      I know the associateLead request is sent over but I wish there was a log or something I could examine to see what happened when Marketo received the lead and then did nothing with it.

      As far as I can tell the code is correct. Marketo is initialized. I followed the instructions at (https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000Kyr7) and the troubleshooting steps at (https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000Kyqt&src=comm)

      I used Fiddler to examine traffic sent to Marketo. Looks good to me. Here's what is sent:
      mktoMunchkinFunction('associateLead', {Email: 'alexd0103b@example.com'}, '3374aac1f87a9889d245a2fb538a3d7750dd1a00')

      GET /webevents/associateLead?_mchNc=1357246213615&_mchKy=3374aac1f87a9889d245a2fb538a3d7750dd1a00&_mchAtEmail=alexd0103b%40example.com&_mchId=417-NLK-080&_mchTk=_mch-aaa.com-1357246072769-42707&_mchHo=bbb.aaa.com&_mchPo=92&_mchRu=%2Fmraccountflow.aspx&_mchPc=https%3A&_mchVr=134 HTTP/1.1
      Here's a table view of the params sent
                          _mchNc                     1357246213615
                          _mchKy                     3374aac1f87a9889d245a2fb538a3d7750dd1a00
                          _mchAtEmail                     alexd0103b@example.com
                          _mchId                     417-NLK-080
                          _mchTk                     _mch-aaa.com-1357246072769-42707
                          _mchHo                     bbb.aaa.com
                          _mchPo                     92
                          _mchRu                     /mraccountflow.aspx
                          _mchPc                     https:
                          _mchVr                     134