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    Average of touches to close a lead?

      Anyone have any recent data or industry stats for B2B?

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          That's a very loaded question that's diffcult to answer without not really answering it :(

          The answer is that it depends on
          •           your sales process/cycle
          •           definition of touch (are you counting all marketo emails, including automated? calls? demos? etc, etc)
          •           lead source and history
          •           size of deal
          •           and many other considerarions

          I would try to reduce to scope of the question to smaller chunk, like: how many touches to get a hold of someone? I feel like I've seen stats on that. Or more generally try to pick only the part of the sales cycle that you care about - at least it will be measurable....

          My two cents :)
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            I was on a call recently with an analyst firm in the B2B tech industry discussing cold calling metrics, and their guidance was that after 10 touches we should expect about 25% of prospects to engage in a call. Touches in this case meant a combination of email and phone.

            So 40 touches to get someone on the phone to talk about your offerings.