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    custom field mapping

      I'd like to map the Marketo field: Person Notes to the SFDC field: Description (on the lead and contact record) - how is this done? Right now it's showing under "Unmapped custom fields" and i don't see the "Person Notes" option on the form fields list...


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          Josh Hill

          Person Notes = Description already. Unless you've tested this and it failed, these fields are automatically mapped from the start.

          Person Notes will show up as Description or Person Notes. Again, it sounds like it might not be working on your instance. I'd create a lead and test the sync on that. Then ask your SFDC Admin or Marketo Support.
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            I'm trying to do the same - pushing sales notes from the tradeshow floor into SFDC via Marketo List Import. I've read elsewhere that there is no way to automate data being insert into SFDC Description field. Any sense if that's changed?
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              Daisy Spiridopoulos
              No it hasn't. What i recommend is creating a new custom lead field in SFDC (or having your Sales Ops/Admin do so - that Marketo can write to) that is something like "Lead Notes"