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    Wait step based on progression status

      This may be a dumb question, so I apologize in advance if so.  I have a email blast program where I am sending an email and changing the progression status to sent, after that I am waiting 6 days and if the recipient has not opened it, I am going to send another email with a different subject line.  So my question is, is using tyhe 'send email' flow action with choice 1 being 'If progression status is Email Blast > Sent then send email 1.2, default action is do nothing', the best way to achieve what I am trying to do?  It seems like it makes sense but I am not sure the progression status of email sent, is referring to only this program, or any program that has the status set to sent.

      Make sense?
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          Jason, this is a good question.  The flow step doesn't specify which program, while the similar criteria in the smart list is more specific, so it is vague.

          To make it easier to understand your campaign, I would design it to emphasize the smart list criteria:
          1)  Send email campaign: send email 1, change progression status to sent, wait six days, send email 2
          2) Listen campaign: if email 1 is opened, change progression status in this program to "opened"(or similar) and remove from flow of campaign #1

          This sets your first campaign as the default path: send both emails.  The second campaign defines the criteria if the thing happens that you want to achieve.
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            Awesome, that makes perfect sense, thanks Steve!